Sunday, May 5, 2013

Abandoned Corner Store, North Mill Street, Jackson, Mississippi

In the previous post, I showed a photograph of North Mill Street taken from the Fortification Street bridge. A few blocks south, at the corner of North Mill and West Monument Streets, sits an abandoned brick store. It has been empty and decaying for at least a decade.

You can see the faded Dr. Pepper logo and remnants of other signs. In the second photograph, you can see the Fortification Street bridge in the distance.
This was address no. 703.  The store served the once-vibrant residential community just to the east.  Once there were many more stores along Farish Street.
The manhole covers are really fancy here.  Complete with a presidential eagle.  We will cover more of downtown Jackson in future articles.

Photographs taken with a Sony DSC-W7 compact digital camera.

Update April 18, 2015: the store has been demolished. I do not visit this area often, so I do not know how long it has been gone.

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