Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Condemned South Street Apartments, Vicksburg, Mississippi

South Street Apartments, 1201 South Street, Vicksburg.

The Triple Six apartments at 1201 South Street were built in the mid-1960s. At the time, they were probably clean and decent, and even today, from a distance they do not look too bad - just totally boring. There was even a swimming pool once, but now it is concreted over. But over time, the apartments descended down the food chain and became nasty.

Passageway leading to Adams Street
Typical kitchen unit, South Street Apartments.

According to the Vicksburg Post (Dec. 24, 2013) the City condemned 40 percent of the 41-unit complex in 2012 under the City's slum clearance ordnance because of neglect. Empty units have been vandalized and stripped of metal, and are havens for drug activity. Another apartment complex on Crawford Street, owned by the same company, has also been condemned. A January Post article said both complexes have been sold and will be renovated - let's see if anything comes of it. We so often hear these promises in Vicksburg.

It is odd how some of the former tenants left piles of clothing and possessions when they vacated. Don't they need them wherever they moved?

I met some of the local youngsters, who were glad to wander around with me while I took photographs.They were friendly and polite - the poor kids seemed bored.

1124 South Street, Vicksburg

South Street has some early-20th century apartments. The units at 1124 belong to an organization that helps homeless people.

1122 South Street, Vicksburg.

I think the old house at 1122 belongs to the First Presbyterian Church at the corner of Cherry Street. Notice the odd arched covering over the 2nd story porch. I am glad that buildings like this have been preserved.

Photographs taken with a Fuji X-E1 digital camera, tripod-mounted.

UPDATE August 28, 2022. The South street Apartments are still unoccupied and have been seriously vandalized. A Vicksburg Post article noted that Habitat for Humanity owned the complex after 2016. Now, a developer has bought it. 

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