Friday, November 25, 2011

Levee Street Railroad Warehouse Demolition, Vicksburg, Mississippi

The 1870s warehouse/office built by the Louisville, New Orleans & Texas Railway has been demolished. The photograph shows the site at the Kansas City Southern railroad yard on Levee Street, Vicksburg. Please see the August entry for photographs of the standing building. I was out of town when it was torn down and do not know what happened to the bricks.

The rail yard is much quieter now than before the spring 2011 Mississippi River flood. Ten and twenty years ago, the yard was always packed with rail cars, but now the tracks are mostly empty.

Here is a photograph from 1990 taken from the ramp that leads to a gate in the flood wall. The cars belong to workers who are offshore. As you can see, the rail yard is well-filled with rail cars. (Scanned from a Polaroid Type 54 4×5-inch print, taken with a Tahihara 4×5" camera with 90 mm Kodak Ektar lens).

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