Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ladies of the Athens Flea Market, Athens, Greece

In the previous post, we saw the Athens Flea Market in the early 1950s. Today, it is more refined, and most of the stores sell inexpensive new manufactured goods. Many even accept credit cards. But Sunday is still a good day to explore, and you never know what a vendor will produce from a bulging suitcase.
Monastiraki Metro station, Athens
The best way to reach the market is to take the metro to the Monastiraki Metro Station.
Turn right as you emerge from the station, and you see the old mosque with the Acropolis in the distance. The mosque was built in 1759 and now houses the modern pottery collection of the Museum of Greek Popular Art. This is one of the few buildings remaining from the Turkish era.
Turn right again and you will see the opening to Hephaestou Street. As the sign says, open every day.

I promised ladies, and here they are, complete with odd sweaters and underwear (or no underwear).
Do you prefer the tough lady look? Here is the military style
Or how about a Soviet babushka (ба́бушка)? I saw a surprising amount of old Soviet equipment, but nothing interesting like genuine military-issue watches or rocket launchers. 
Warning, warning: Greek Zombie attack. 
 And now the red riding look. The wolf might like her. 
To demonstrate equal opportunity, here are the gents of the Flea Market. Regardless of your tastes, there is plenty to see.

(If you would like to see some other lovely market ladies, come to the markets in old Kathmandu or Venice).

Most photographs taken with a Panasonic G1 digital camera, some with an older Sony DSC-W7 camera.


  1. I really want me some of that red hair the woman with attitude is wearing! Reminds me of the wonderful "ladies" in one of your earlier posts, though I forgot the country--China maybe?

  2. Thank you for your comment. I liked the attitude lady, also. The other market ladies were in Kathmandu, Nepal.