Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ladies of Venice

Venice is unique. Truly, there is no other place on earth that has such an astonishing architectural heritage situated on low marshy islands around which you navigate by boat!
Most visitors arrive by train and take the water taxi along the Grand Canal, getting a fantastic tour of the 1500s pallazos and mansions.
We will leave an architectural tour for another blog entry.
But there is another Italian treasure worthy of examination whilst visiting Venice: the plastic and paint ladies of the evening (and day).  First, here is the mysterious secret agent look, wool trench coat and all (in mid-summer).
Then we have the hairy look, like friendly sheepdogs.
Then we proceed to the "I have attitude and have not shampooed in a week to prove it" look.
If you prefer no hair at all, that can be accommodated, too.
Here is "I have long hair but am sad.  Maybe I need some more eyelashes."
Here is hair, but they forgot to paint it.
Every fashionable lady needs red jeweled high heel shoes with fuzzy pompoms from Versace.  Perfect for those high-water days or an evening at the ‎Teatro La Fenice di Venezia (tickets are 200 Euros - wow).
If a sophisticated hat is more your style, here is one being worn by the silent, mysterious type.
Here is attire for the famous carnival season.
Finally, if you like really big ladies but of somewhat wooden personality, Venice can provide.

All photographs taken with a Nexus 4 phone, reprocessed with ACDSee Pro software. The phone is handy because you can place it directly against a glass show window, thereby avoiding glare and reflections.

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