Monday, December 9, 2013

Country Store Still in Business: Roy's Store, Chatham, Mississippi

Roy's Store is one of the rare 100-year old Mississippi country stores that is still in business, and doing very well with its clientele of hunters and fishermen. Located at 2202 Lake Washington Road near the northern end of Lake Washington, it has survived floods and the Great Depression.
Roy's Store and Cabins, Chatham, Mississippi
The front has been fixed up and has modern gasoline pumps.


The inside is full of useful stuff for fishermen, along with and bits and pieces from the old days.  Stop for a coffee or snack. As of 2008, there was not yet an espresso machine.
Old Highway 61, Chatham, Mississippi
This is part of the original U.S. Highway 61. It is a single concrete lane running straight through the farmland.  It was explained to me that in the 1920s, the State could only afford to pave a single lane, which was adequate in an era when few people had cars or mechanized farm machines.
In winter, this is an excellent area for birding.  These people are participating in the annual Audubon Society Christmas bird count.
Lake Washington
Lake Washington is rimmed with cypress trees and is a great place to see cormorants, grebes, and other waterfowl. It is well worth a visit. Close by are the two abandoned mansions at Lake Washington.

For more information on Roy's Store and Cabins, call 662-827-2588.

Update June 5 2017: An Australian gent posted some wonderful photos of Roy's Store on his blog, The Rolling Road. Click the link. He is a Leica photographer.


Unknown said...

I remember stopping by there as a small child on the way to our lake lot. Would get a sack full of candy for 10 cents. Of course that was fifty years ago. Glad to see the business is still there.

Unknown said...

Would like to know prices of rentals for cabins. For next yr..April 28--- may 2. Four people. One handicapped thank you. Gene White.