Thursday, September 27, 2012

Small western farm town: Likely, California

Drive on US 395 though the desert of eastern California and western Nevada, and you pass many small agricultural towns.  They are a bit sleepy but very interesting for their architecture, home-made signs, and historical elements.  Likely, California, is one of these.  It lies on the south side of the South Fork of the Pit River in the northeastern corner of California, not far from Lava Beds National Monument (fabulous geology!).  According to Wikipedia, one of the last of the American Indian wars was fought nearby at Infernal Caverns.

 Here is the General Store, complete with gasoline pump and a bench to sit out and enjoy the afternoon.
Notice the "Most Likely Cafe" has similar stucco architecture as the General Store.
This former filling station serves as covered parking.

The weather is so dry, the volunteer fire department can park its trucks outside.

Drive through some of these small towns:  the residents are friendly and the scenery and history are interesting.

(Photographs taken with a Panasonic G1 digital camera.  Map created  with ESRI ArcMap software v. 9.3).

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