Friday, April 17, 2015

Abandoned Fuel Terminal in Vicksburg

Just below Washington Street at 600 Depot Street is an abandoned fuel oil distributor. The yellow pages show this this was once Moak Petroleum Products , Inc., but I do not know dates of operation or who owns the site now. The gate is open and you can walk right in. The grounds reek of gasoline or solvent. Some tank or pipe is leaking. I wonder if the place would ignite?
This is the scene looking east. Washington Street is up on the bluff.
Looking north,you see the former Mississippi Hardware in the distance (now closed and subject of a future post).
The shed in the first picture became a dumping ground for records and files from the company. I saw liquor bottles, so vagrants are using the building. The roof looks intact, so it is dry on a wet night, a good place for a homeless person, except for the fumes.
This building is secure and un-vandalized.
The pumps are the old-fashioned type with rotating numbers rather than modern LCD displays. I did not see ethanol stickers. (Editorial note: ethanol - another stupid politically-mandated mess that did not save energy nor make us energy-independent, and had serious and damaging environmental consequences. Also, it ruins older cars.)

Photographs taken with a tripod-mounted FujiFilm X-E1 digital camera, raw files processed with PhotoNinja software to convert to black and white.


  1. My God, had no idea this site existed. Found it as I sit here overlooking the old Mississippi hardware , keep up the good work

  2. Thank you. There once were many more industrial sites like this along Levee Street and on the hillside sloping down to the Yazoo Canal, but most are now gone.