Monday, March 13, 2017

Our Man in Havana 7: Courtyards and Entry Halls of Vieja

Walking along the streets in Havana, I noticed that many entryways led either into an inner courtyard or to a dingy mysterious common area and stairwell. They reminded me of entry halls I saw in old apartment blocks in Poland. Kathmandu had hidden courtyards, as well. Let's take a short tour of Habana Viejo and Centro.
261 Aguiar in Habana Viejo. Questionable electrical wiring on the wall. What's beyond to the right?
Courtyard in 261 Aguiar. I don't understand the barrels - for rainwater?
Hall and stair at 512 Aguiar. Note that modern digital electrical meters have been installed on the left wall.
515 Cuba Street, with more of the modern digital electrical meters. The mess of wires strung above the meters is slightly non-code. Notice the complicated stairway going through the arch and then ascending behind it. 
507A Cuba, with a courtyard beyond.
265 San Miguel. Whatever building was once here has been cleared out.
Marble stairs at 212 Campanario. This was originally expensive construction. 
Entry hall at 202 Campanario. Note the tiles on the wall, similar to ones in subway stations (durable and washable).
Photographs taken with a Fuji X-E1 digital camera, with some RAW files processed in PhotoNinja software.

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