Friday, May 5, 2017

Trinidad, Cuba - an explosion of color

Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima Trinidad (Church of the Holy Trinity), Plaza Mayor, Trinidad.
I wrote about Trinidad in my previous post. Although the setting worked well with black and white film (like much of Cuba), the tropical colors and brilliant Caribbean light really do justice to color photography. The following vignettes around town are from a Fuji X-E1 digital camera.
Calle Cristo, near the Plaza Mayor.
Hanging around in the evening, Eliope Paz.
Hanging around, and on the phone.
Hanging around, also on the phone
On the way downtown.
More water heading downtown on Santo Domingo.
Avoiding the water on Santo Domingo.
How to avoid the water: drive in a Lada.
We were surprised how wet the streets were in the evening. It was more than puddles but rather gushing streams. Was it from leaking mains? People washing their porches and balconies? We never learned, but it made for wonderful reflections.
The Dulcinea Cafe and Internet shop.
We found an old-fashioned Internet Cafe. This was the type of place with older PCs along a table, and you paid the nice lady at the desk a modest fee for an hour of service. The connection was slow, so I assume it was some sort of dial-up via phone lines. We had no restrictions on email or web pages. I have no idea if this policy applied to tourists only. You could also buy ice cream and pastries.
Quiet in Rosario.
The domino champions. They avoided the running water.
View from the top - the Palacio Cantero
Selfie from the Top.
The tower at the Palacio Cantero was popular with school groups. As I noted before, the school kids wear neat uniforms, they are well-behaved, and are alert and intelligent. Education has certainly been emphasized by the government. If we could do as well in USA....

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