Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Corner Restaurant, Bailey Avenue, Jackson, Mississippi

An old-fashioned commercial building/strip mall at the corner of Bailey Avenue and Fortification Street has interested me over the years. I do not know the vintage of the building, but I guess pre-World War II. As of 2004, at least one unit in the building was still occupied, but I think all are closed as of 2019.
On the Avenue, 2004, Kodachrome slide, Nikon F3, 200mm AF-Nikkor ED lens
In 2004, On the Avenue restaurant was open for business when I took this Kodachrome from across the street. Prices were great! (But I did not have lunch there.)

In 2018, I had some Panatomic-X film in my Hasselblad and drove to Bailey Avenue to look around. The building appeared to be totally unused.
Note the decorative elements, sort of art deco. I am impressed that builders decades ago made an effort to add some aesthetic elements to commercial buildings. Compare with today's boring steel quick-construction commercial buildings.  
Bailey Avenue is rather depressing, with many unused buildings and empty lots. But there is a lot of traffic - where are these people all going? 

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