Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Cottages on Pearl Street, Vicksburg

Some of you readers may remember my 2010 post on historic Pearl Street, in Vicksburg, Mississippi. As I wrote then, many of the early-20th century houses had been or were in the process of being torn down. Here are some more examples of architecture along that road (from my 2006 files).

This is No. 2114 Pearl. Notice the sun awnings running along the entire front. The siding is a type of asphalt tile patterned to look like stone blocks. I recall these were common in the mid-20th century, durable and providing some degree of insulation.

Here is No. 2118, nicely restored with vinyl siding. The Kansas City railroad yard is behind and down the hill.

No. 2123 was a substantial cottage and has been boarded up for years.

This nicely-painted cottage on a landscaped lot is No. 3513 and has a view of the bend of the Mississippi River.

Finally, this handsome cottage at 3607 Pearl. I will look through the archives for more Pearl Street examples.

All photographs taken with a Sony DSC-W7 compact digital camera.


  1. I really love that top one with the awning. My house has a similar awning that wraps around the porch, and one of the best pieces of advice my dad gave us when we bought the house was to not tear that off, as I was planning to do since it wasn't "original." I left it up, and sure enough, it protects the porch so well it has to be a pretty driving rainstorm to drive me off. It also shields the porch from the western sun, and I've come to really like its looks too. That one up top really looks hunkered down and ready for anything!

  2. Thank you so much. I will be in touch, I am currently planning my trip to the area, and hope we can meet to discuss my book.