Tuesday, April 10, 2012

End of the Road: Downhill Drive, Vicksburg, Mississippi

Downhill Drive is another one of Vicksburg's mystery streets.  It even has conflicting names in the various online map databases. It is a steep road that drops precipitously from Fort Hill Drive down to the west. I think the correct name is Downhill Drive, but it may also be Lower Fort Hill Drive or Elizabeth Street.

Drive down the hill (first gear for engine braking!) and you enter a forest with birds everywhere. It feels like you are far from anything except when a truck rumbles along just below on North Washington Street.

There are only a few cottages here, possibly 1940s-vintage. The blue one was deserted.  The previous resident owned a collection of electric trains and the plywood-mounted layout was in the porch along with a lot of equipment.

A nice lady came out of one of the houses while I was photographing and said she had owned the Chrysler since new. She might entertain an offer to sell it.

All photograph taken with a Sony DSC-R1 digital camera, tripod-mounted.

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