Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The end of the road: Short Sherman Avenue, Vicksburg, MS

As I have noted before, Vicksburg has a number of dead-end roads that few people visit. One of these is Short Sherman Avenue, which loops south from Sherman Avenue and stops at a former entrance to the Vicksburg Military Park. Once this road must have extended to Sherman Loop in the Park, but it has obviously been closed for years. If you hike the Al Scheller Boy Scout trail, you walk along the former roadway, now badly gullied.

There is not much here, just a few cottages, an old chicken coop, and this rusting Chevrolet truck. Every year I see it getting progressively more covered with vines. Soon it will be engulfed with the creeping brush.

Here is an oddity: down in a gully is a surprising well-preserved Rexall Drug sign from Rose Drug. The paint must have been amazingly good quality because the colors are still vivid. A friend and I considered recovering the sign, but it is on Military Park property, meaning it is an archaeological artifact and therefore illegal to remove.

Photographs taken with a Fuji F31fd compact digital camera.

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